Flyers own the Consol Energy Center

The bright spot going into a game at the Consol Energy Center is the Flyers record there since it opened in 2010. I’m sure you’ve heard that the Flyers are 11-2-1 on the Penguins home ice a bunch of times because what else is there to talk about that doesn’t make you want to drink heavily? So The Flyers record in Pittsburgh is good and we’re hoping that they can keep that building tradition alive by beating the Penguins despite the recent troubles.

The first period was a rollercoaster, starting with a Penguins rush right off the opening face off forcing Emery to make a good save early on. A typical early penalty on the Flyers doesn’t lead to a goal which is a welcome change from the embarrassing play of the PK over the past 2 games, but 7 seconds later the Penguins manage to put one in. Luckily The Flyers have Mark Streit who blasts one in on Fleury from the point to tie it up. There was a scary segment where the Flyers absolutely could not manage to clear the puck and it was one of those sequences where it’s not gonna end unless the puck goes in or someone gets a penalty called on them. Luckily Emery was able to glove a shot to get the play stopped giving the Flyers some relief.

At around 13 minutes into the game, French native and new Flyer Pierre-Edouard Bellmare scored his first NHL goal to put the Flyers up 2-1. Bellamre’s goal was a tip in from a Sean Couturier shot. The Flyers started the second period on a power play thanks to a potential dirty hit from Simon Despres. Couturier looked like he saw the hit coming and pulled up just before Despres could lay a full hit on him, R.J. Umberger stepped up to fight Despres on behalf of Coots. The Pens were given an interference call along with the fighting penalties.

Despite being out shot 11-7 in the first the Flyers managed to end the period with the lead.

Bellmare’s goal looked like it gave him the equivalent of taking four 5hour energy’s at once because he was all over the ice in the 2nd period.

Did you miss seeing the Flyers actually dominate on the power play? Yeah we did too, and it was so sweet to watch the Flyers 2nd power play of the night. Unlike the past few games, the PP unit actually managed to keep the play cycling in the offensive zone for a good chunk of time creating a few scoring chances. Unfortunately a short while later the Pens win a defensive zone faceoff and manage to tie it up  from a shot that manages to deflect off on Andrew MacDonald’s skate.

In a matter of 2 minutes Both Wayne Simmonds and “Pebbles” Bellmare were hit in the head with shots and both went off the ice. Both did return to the bench after a nerve reacking commercial break. At the End of the 2nd period the Flyers get another penalty off an Olympic dive by Chris Kunitz. Concurrent minors are given out for hooking and embellishment.

At the start of the 3rd it’s announced that Rinaldo has an upper body injury and doesn’t return to the game presumably after a monster hit on Crosby earlier in the game that apparently injured his shoulder.

Midway through the 3rd period R.J. Umberger puts in his first of the season to give the Flyers the lead again. Then The Penguins give up a turnover and Sean Couturier puts a pass on Matt Read’s stick that turns into a beautiful top shelf goal. The Flyers go up 4-2 for most of the period until a bit of a break down let’s Marcel Goc sneak up on Emery and decreas the Flyers lead to 1.

With around 2 minutes left the Flyers seem to forget ho to play for a bit leading to some heart attack inducing plays and inevitably the Penguins pull Fleury in the last minute hoping to force an overtime, but they can’t come up with an equalizer and Sean Couturier puts an empty netter in to finalize the win.

Flyers beat the Penguins 5-3 and improve their record to 10-1-1 in the regular season. After ending the 1st period down 11-7 in shots, the Flyers end the game with a 33-25 shot advantage.

Remember the Flyers did officially own the Consol Energy Center according to Wikipedia:

 we’ve since been prevented from editing the Consol’s wiki page Consol vandalism


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