Flyers lose another shoot out

I think by now you get the deal. Flyers are still searching for that elusive first win now with a record of 0-4 thanks to a shoot out loss to the Ducks.

It’s really frustrating when you know that, for 2 periods and the whole 5 minute overtime, the Flyers were the dominant team and should have been able to win this game. The first period was, unfortunately, pretty bad and gave the Flyers a 2 goal deficit that they were eventually able to get out of thanks to special teams. There was a long frustrating stretch in the first period where the Flyers were unable to get to the puck and unable to get it out of their own zone resulted in an inevitable goal. Coming out for the Second period the Flyers had some kind of fire lit under them that grew as the period went on. Especially after an awkward fall from Grossmann that looked like it could’ve meant the Flyers being down yet another defenseman.

In the second period, even with good 5v5 pressure, it took a 5 on 3 power play for the Flyers to start their scoring. A nice Giroux pass across ice went to Mark Streit who buried it to cut the Ducks lead in half. Then another power play let Wayne Simmonds tie it up with his 5th goal of the season, making him the 2nd highest scorer in the NHL. So yes the Flyers are still going to have to rely heavily on their special teams like last season. A late goal from Matt Belesky not only gave the Ducks the lead in the final minute of the second period, but reminded everyone just how bad the Flyers defense can be. Andrew MacDonald and Nick Schultz just kind of didn’t cover Belesky at all.

The third period offered some chances but no tying goal, until the Ducks decided to stop paying attention to Jake Voracek and let him go around the net and put in a backhander to tie the game again.

And then there was overtime. The Flyers best performance was probably in the last 5 minutes of this game before the shootout. The Flyers had constant pressure and multiple chances that they just couldn’t seem to finish on. Give that overtime another minute and the Flyers would’ve found the back of the net guaranteed. Unfortunately that’s not how it works and we were forced to the much hated (especially since we can’t win one so far) skills competition.

Even the shootout was tied after a sickeningly beautiful goal from Claude Giroux, but the Flyers were put down by a shootout virgin of all people. William Karlsson, who had not ever taken a shootout before manages to score on his very first one to win it for the Ducks because why the hell not?



Because of Vinny Lecavalier’s injury (hit in the foot by a Mark Streit shot) there was yet another line shuffle. 4th line star Pierre-Edouard Bellmare was moved up to Lecavalier’s spot on the second line and it’s hard not to point out his talent. Besides being fast, Belli as he’s called by the team, was one of the Flyers better forwards in the game proving to be a pretty good replacement for Lecavalier. He also showed some defensive ability which could be very helpful with this defense. Despite Bellmare’s good performance, it seems like the line shuffling is impeding the Flyers line chemistry, even with good pressure the passes looked sloppy and it just doesn’t seem like any of the players know what they’re linemates are going to do. Hopefully we can get some steady lines that can read each other better.

Grossmann went down in the second period in what looked like a boarding from Ryan Kesler at first glance, but turned out to just be some bad movement. It did look like Grossmann could have been injured for a minute which would not bode well for the already depleted blue line, but he was back on the bench before the period ended. Speaking of the defensive woes, the 3rd Ducks goal came when Nick Schultz bumped into Couturier, allowing Belesky enough space to put a backhanded goal on Mason that he probably should have had.

The Giroux line. Just enjoy it. Even if they’re not scoring 10 goals a night, they’re fun to watch; especially when they get frustrated and come out on fire. When they play hard energetic hockey it makes the night interesting.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the Flyers have lost the last 7 shootouts they’ve gone to.


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