Eagles Dominate the Giants


Image from the Eagles Facebook page


Yes you did read the title correctly. The Eagles absolutely dominated the Giants from kickoff to the final minute of the game. The Eagles did not let their foot off of the gas pedal and never let the Giants back into the game. This was by far the Eagles most complete and best game of the season to this point. The win was also the Eagles first shutout in 18 years. If you want to feel even better about this game you should know that the game was broadcast on national television to show the entire country how good this Eagles team can be.


Quarterback Nick Foles had a good game as he completed 21 of 34 passes for 248 yards, threw 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. Foles made some very nice throws and played good enough to get the win, including a 15 yard TD pass to Zach Ertz. The problem with Foles is his turnovers of course not many people expected Foles to have a career year as god as last season, it‘d be impossible to do, but the number of interceptions this season kinda need to stop. That is the only negative that can be taken out of this game as the Eagles played an entire 60 minute game for the 1st time all season. Although the half game Eagles were winning games, we won’t be very sad to see that type of performance never happen again.


Running back LeSean McCoy showed the skill and elusiveness we have all come to know and love in his career in Philly in this Eagles victory. Shady had 22 carries for 149 yards, with a 6.8 average yards per carry, and a long rush of 28 yards. Shady playing did not just only affect him but effected the entire Eagles offense as everything seemed to open up and get going when Shady got on a roll. McCoy’s 149 rushing yards was a season high and this game was his first 100 yard rushing game of the season.


Now let’s get into what really brought the Eagles this victory and it was the defense. Who would have thought it that a Chip Kelly team would be sparked by its defense? Well that is exactly what had happened on Sunday night as the Eagles combined for 8 sacks and got constant pressure on Giants quarterback Eli Manning all game long. Linebacker Connor Barwin has been one of the Eagles MVPs to this point and the game he had against the Giants Sunday night really showcased why. Barwin racked up 5 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, and 3 sacks. The Eagles defense swarmed to the ball all night and actually played as an entire unit.


This meant so much but not just because it was a divisional game that would determine which team would be tied for 1st place in the NFC East with the Dallas Cowboys, but also because of the Giants ego coming into this game. The week leading up to the game the Giants were trash talking the Eagles about how they should have an 0-4 record because they’re really good at math and counting, Nick Foles being turnover prone, and how the franchise does not have the oh so coveted Super Bowl trophy. The Eagles, despite the nationwide assumption that everything associated with Philly sports is loud and trashy, kept comments to themselves. Now we have the Eagles win to rub in all the Giants fan’s faces, the team let the scoreboard do the trash talking for them.


Saftey Malcolm Jenkins said it best after the game,

“It was nothing that really concerns us. We show up and we play. That’s what we talk with, and I thought we made a loud statement today.”


Indeed the Eagles made a loud statement that should be heard over the entire NFL. This win could really put the Eagles into a groove as the games get more important to win. The Eagles now head into the bye week with a lot of momentum

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