Eagles Defense Comes Up Big


The Eagles are known across the country that they are an offensive juggernaut but in this game it was the opposite in this game against the Rams. The Eagles had the lead throughout the entire game but almost coughed it up. Even though the game was interesting and the Eagles are 4-1 in 1st place in the NFC East, the Eagles CAN NOT continue to win games in this fashion.

The offense had a bounce back game but is obviously not up to the standards of all the fans and the Eagles team. Nick Foles completed 24 out of 37 passes, threw for 207 yards, 2 TDs, 1 interception, fumbled 1 time. Foles actually looked comfortable and healthy as LeSean McCoy showed up in this game for the 1st time since Week 1 as he had 24 carries for 81 yards but fumbled 1 time. This obviously was not a LeSean McCoy that we are all accustomed to from last season but this is a step in the right direction to get the running game going. The wide receiver core got involved as number 1 receiver Jeremy Maclin led the charge as he caught 5 passes for 76 yards, with 15.2 yards per catch, and 1 touchdown which is his 4th of the year. Riley Cooper actually got involved in the scoring as well as he caught 4 passes for 33 yards with 1 touchdown. Cooper’s touchdown catch was an amazing display of his athleticism and the ability he has to be a threat for this Eagles offense.

Cooper TD


Once again the side of the ball that showed up for the entire game was the defense and special teams. The defense was quite impressive today as the defensive line and linebackers were swarming the ball. Connor Barwin made 4 tackles, 2 sacks, and 2 tackles for loss. Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham got amazing pressure on the QB and each forced a fumble that led to 1 of the Eagles touchdowns. Cedric Thorton scored the touchdown on the fumble Curry forced and Thorton got pressure along with the rest of the defensive line. Demeco Ryans led the linebackers as he made 8 tackles and led the lesser core of linebackers today as Mychal Kendricks was out. Even with the first 2 levels playing well the secondary for the most played terrible to end the game. Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher were outmatched by the Rams wide receivers. They were both picked up apart by Rams QB Austin Davis who he made his 4th start in the loss.

The special teams was the sparkplug of this game and scored the Eagles first touchdown. The first touchdown was a blocked punt by the Eaglesin the first minute of the 1st quarter and the recovery of the blocked punt was Chris Maragos. Thanks to the special teams that we are in all of the 1st 5 games we’ve played and thanks to Dave Fipp for coaching them well.

Chip Kelly summed up the inconsistent start to Eagles season so far but are at the top of the NFC East, “Tough 4-1, soft 4-1 – you’re still 4-1.” Kelly has the right mindset as the team is fine in the win-loss column and that’s only thing that matters at this point.

The win still has Eagles fans with questions if the Eagles can close out a team or if the offense can get going but although the can not keep winning games like this, they are 4-1 and let’s stay positive. Us fans have nothing to seriously complain about as the team is having success but the entire team has not hit on all cylinders yet.

The Eagles take on the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football next week.



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