Flyers Recap (preseason game vs Rangers) A bullet point list.

Flyers Game Review (Preseason vs Rangers)

First Period

  • The Captain is backk, he better be playing well. Everyone expects it…
  • Closest to the Flyers actual regular season lineup we’ve seen so far.
  • Bellmare draws the first penalty, Flyers killer power play commences.
  • MDZ turnover leads to a Rangers shorthanded goal. Flyers PP not so deadly anymore. This hurts my soul MDZ.
  • A lot of passes are getting picked off and intercepted. Hopefully that’s not a problem they’re bringing over from last season cause Ha Ha Ha kill me now.
  • Just found out the Rangers are playing their B squad so uh yeah that’s a thing to consider.
  • Old Macdonald sitting, Morin in the top spot with Coburn.
  • Line name suggestions: Coots line – Hot hands coots, The CRuSh line? idk. Vinny line: Old McBalls
  • Drinking game idea: Take a shot every time the Defensive 4 are mentioned, Morin GhostBear, Hagg, Sanheim.
  • Coots goal!! Offensive future looking good for Coots on that 2nd line.
  • MDZ i’m gonna need you to not fuck up ever.
  • Akeson slashing penalty. Killed off without event.
  • G gets tripped up, draws penalty.
  • Flyers will start the 2nd with a PP

Score tied 1-1 shots even 9-9

Second Period. Score 1-1

  • Flyers PP killed off. Stop letting the PP get less dangerous, teams need to be scared of our Power Play, absolutely terrified.
  • Is it just me or are the D combos constantly changing…like every shift?
  • R.J. Oldburger
  • Grossmann slapshot goallll!! That has legitimately surprised me. Maybe Streit is giving the defense lessons?
  • Hope someone gifs that goal cause it probably won’t happen again for a long time.
  • Grossmann also kept the puck out of the net in the 1st which i forgot to mention so good game for Grossmann.
  • Simmonds workin a guy over behind the net. Emery can take care of himself, but we’d rather he didn’t.
  • Wayne Train Goal, apparently his first of the preseason! What a deflection.
  • Good to see we’re actually soundly beating the Rangers B squad.
  • Rangers power play apparently, Bellmare to the box.
  • Bellmare breakaway almost leads to a goal, so close, so fast.

Flyers up 3-1 thank god.

Third Period. Score 3-1 Flyers

  • Drinking game: take a shot every time someone mentions the Ice Girls.
  • I wanted to be an Ice Guy #sadface.
  • Mr Randy J Bummer(miller) Decides to be a bummer and point out that Giroux has ZERO POINTS in 2 periods. Giroux’s season is doomed, we’re screwed pack it in.
  • Goddamnit early Rangers goal.
  • Emery getting scored on by an Italian pastry, Eclair scores….Duclair?
  • Coburn turns it over. Where have i heard that before?
  • Peecooooo Poweerrr Plaaayyyyy
  • Simmonds gonna fight a guy…..nope? Yes? Simmonds gets a double penalty, Remaldo in the box.
  • 4 on 4
  • Rangers PP.
  • The Count of Monte Kristo.
  • Morin Boards Kristo and puts the Flyers down 2 men for 20 ish seconds. Still a Rangers PP
  • Bellmare lookin for a short handed goal. Bellmare is working hard to make up for missed preseason time, trying to show off hard; he wants a roster spot bad.
  • Flyers survive the constant penalties.
  • Ay another penalty. Mark Streit.
  • SIMMONDS!……almost.
  • WOOOOO Emery keepin the Flyers up by 1
  • Morin trying to kill a guy with that slapshot.
  • Rinaldo draws a penalty, a welcome change from getting them. Flyers Power Play.
  • Game of catch between Giroux and Streit ends in a turnover ending good pressure. Rangers goalie to the bench.
  • Matty Read empty netter to end this shit.

Flyers win 4-2 over the Rangers.


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