Eagles Offense Shows Nothing In Loss


It has become a common theme early in this Eagles season that the offense starts slow and picks up towards the end of the game but it was very different this week when the Eagles offense didn’t get started at all. The Eagles had the lead going into the second half but lost the lead in the 3rd quarter and the 49ers never gave it up. The 49ers gave the Eagles their first loss of the season in a game that made you want to bang your head against the wall.

The entire Chip Kelly offense was absolutely atrocious in this loss. Nick Foles completed 21 passes out of 43 attempts for 195 yards and threw 2 interceptions with 1 ending the game with less than a minute to go in the 4th quarter. Foles held the ball too long, which he tends to do sometimes, Foles made poor decisions and missed receivers throughout the game, possibly because he was forced to make rushed decisions because of weak blocking that let the 49ers get a lot of pressure on the already banged up QB. Foles certainly didn’t have an easy night Sunday.

image from usatoday.com

One of the major problems the offense seemed to have was not learning from mistakes. The Eagles constantly tried to hand off the ball to LeSean McCoy to run and every time, he was shut down. McCoy’s runs consisted of a horizontal run across the line of scrimmage ending with 0-1 yard gains and often a loss of yards. McCoy had 10 carries for only 17 yards on the game. McCoy just did not get the burst he needed to get through certain plays that he would gain positive yards. The ineffectiveness of the offensive line could be blamed on the fact that they are a mismatched group of backups (other than Jason Peters and Todd Herramans). The suspension Lane Johnson took better be worth it because Foles and the running game needs a solid offensive lineman.

Zach Ertz also had a costly fumble in Eagles territory that eventually led to a 49ers touchdown.

One drive in particular that would’ve changed the the whole city’s tone today was  the one drive that the Eagles offense actually looked like the Eagles offense and managed to get  into 49ers territory; and even to the 1 yard line. When the Eagles got to the 1 it was 3rd down and Foles missed Celek on that play, frustrating, but not a huge problem; the Eagles needed to run down the clock a bit anyway. The next play on 4th down Foles wildly missed Jeremy Maclin on the back of the end zone. This sequence showed how off the offense was today and Jeremy Maclin summed it up best as he said,

“We’ve just got to make plays man. I don’t really know what else to say. We’ve just gotta protect, catch the ball, throw the ball, run the football. We didn’t do any of that today.”

The defense and special teams actually kept the team in this game and scored all 21 of the Eagles points. The defense was on the field for 41 minutes of this game and 72 snaps which is absolutely insane. The defense did more than hold its own as the defensive line was getting pressure all game from the jump and the Eagles even picked up 4 sacks after not recording 1 in the first 3 games this year. Malcolm Jenkins did his part as he recorded 7 tackles and picked up a an interception for a touchdown.

The special teams were phenomenal in this game as they produced 2 of the Eagles touchdowns. The first touchdown was by Brad Smith as he recovered a blocked punt by Trey Burton and the second touchdown was an 82 yard punt return by “The Sparkplug” Darren Sproles. Sproles has been such a blessing on this team and is definitely the Eagles MVP so far this season. But all the special teams points in the world couldn’t save the Eagles this week.

This  loss is definitely on head coach Chip Kelly and his (usually) amazing, top notch offense. Kelly made some questionable play calls to try to throw the 49er defense off being the mastermind he is and he kept running with McCoy when it was obvious through the 1st half that Shady was not going  to get going today. The loss brought the Eagles record to 3-1 teasing fans with hopes of a 4-0 undefeated streak.

The Eagles go on to play the Rams next week, hoping to spring back from a tough loss.




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