Eagles Come Back Again


For the second straight week the Eagles found themselves against a wall having to fight to come back for the win and pulling it off. The Eagles second comeback win ended in a 30-27 victory on the road over the Indianapolis Colts. In this game, the Eagles actually scored in this first half instead of being shut out in the half, the Eagles went down 14 points into the second half and the score was 20-6. Just like last week against Jacksonville, it was like the Eagles played 2 completely different games, the difference was obvious.

Nick Foles completed 21 of 37 passes for 331 yards, 1 touchdown, threw his 2nd interception of the year, and ended the game with a 84.4 passer rating. This wasn’t bad game by Foles but it wasn’t great like last year, but you’d have to be delusional to expect the numbers Foles put up last year in less than full season. LeSean McCoy had a good as he picked up 79 yards on 20 with 1 rushing TD and caught 4 passes for 23 yards. Free agent safety addition Malcolm Jenkins had a good game as he made 7 tackles and made a huge play in the 4th quarter as he intercepted Andrew Luck while the Colts while driving down to try score another TD. Rookie kicker Cody Parkey went 3 for 4 as he missed his 1st field goal in the NFL but redeemed himself later as he hit the game winning 36 yard field goal.

 photo from section215.com

The real savior of the this game was the one and only Darren Sproles. Sproles was all over the field and on the stat sheet as he had 4 carries for 26 yards with a 19 yard touchdown, Sproles really made his impact on the receiving end as he caught 7 passes for 152 yards. Sproles was the kick in the ass the Eagles needed for the second straight week to a victory and it’s amazing that Sproles was that productive with 178 yards of total offense on only 25 offensive snaps. As Eagles fans now know that Sproles has video game type speed and his speed definitely showed in this game. Sproles gave Eagles fans that every time he touched the ball that it would be a huge play and Sproles escaped a lot of tackles and just kept fighting for yards especially on that 19 yard TD run. Sproles was The Whole F’N Show last week on Sunday and he was this week on Monday.

Chip Kelly said this about the Eagles sparkplug, “He’s just a special player. We knew the first day we had him it was, How many different ways can we find to get him the football? He is just a dynamic football player and we are really excited. He can run it, he can catch it, I mean he can do it all. He’s a complete running back and he really came up huge for us Monday night.” This is an important quote as he says the Eagles are looking for different ways to get Sproles and makes sense as it seems that teams have been and will be targeting Shady McCoy as he had a spectacular year last year.

All in all, this game once again showed the Eagles fight and showed that they don’t seemed to get fazed when being down in the game. Even though the Eagles showed those things, they CANNOT count on winning games like this all year and need start out good in the first half and then really open it up in the second half as the Eagles conditioning is greater than most of the teams in the NFL.



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