So much for no Eagles drama

One of the better things about the Chip Kelly offseason was that we were hearing about how there was no drama in the locker room, everyone got along fine and the team was able to fuly focus on the game and getting themselves ready to dominate. Well there’s been a little hiccup in that ideal.

After about 30 minutes I left the practice I found out that i’d just missed Jeremy Maclin vs. Bradley Fetcher. This is the second practice that two Eagles players have gotten into a little scrum. The fight occurred during a drill that had some hard bumping between the two players that led to a lockup yadda yadda yadda and some fisticuffs happened. Fletcher and Maclin traded some punches to the helmet, risking a broken hand by throwing punches to the helmet, not the brightest ideas and then Fletcher hit some body shots on Maclin. The fight did not last long and was broken up and practice started back up normally.

After the practice ended, cornerback Cary Williams was asked about what had happened on the field. Williams said, “As soon as we get off the field we’re buddy buddy. You can’t take this into the locker room or into the next day. I mean you may take it into the next day and try to beat him up or whatever and that’s how you get him back. But for the most part what’s done out here stays out here. We’re family at the end of the day. We’re just trying to get better. It was just frustration.”

So still no drama in the locker room, as long as no one gets themselves injured for the season fans don’t seem to mind a little scrum between teammates.

Thankfully over the 2 scrums that have happened over the past 2 practices no one has been injured. Even better, we can take this pent up aggression to mean that the Eagles players are just itching to get out on the football field and take their anger out on some competition instead of their own teammates. Hopefully all that energy will be put to good use; like winning games.

Crossingbroad posted this picture of part of the Maclin/Fletcher fight:

I did attended Mondays open practice down at Lincoln Financial Field as most fans would with their free time. It was the start of pads practice and had around 15,000 Eagles fans in attendance. I’ve been to one open practice before and I’ve been to a couple of flight nights that the Eagles usually hold in August so i don’t get to visit the Linc as often as i’d like. As a personal experience the first little bit of football action I’d seen in a while was exciting as i imagine it is for everyone else. The drills were being and run and the practice was getting kind of boring because you know it’s practice, not a game, not a game, practice (Should i give the whole “we talking bout practice” speech?). Even if you don’t have the patience to watch a full practice, this is an experience fans should have just for the sake of it.


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