Sixers 2014 Draft Recap

This draft was built all on anticipation and excitement for all Sixers fans who sat through the BS tank job that was called the Sixers 2013-2014 season. The draft had some good things, some bad things, some reoccurrences, and some questionable things. First things first, all Sixers fans had the slightest glimmer of hope when the Cleveland Cavaliers clock ran out and there was a minute delay for the commissioner to come announce as there could’ve possibly been a trade. Fans sat on the edge of their seats hoping that the Sixers had been able to trade up for the first pick. This didn’t happen and Wiggins and Parker were drafted.

1st round, 3rd overall: Kansas C Joel Embiid

Since Embiid was announced with a foot injury before the draft, he wasn’t picked as high as he could have been, he was supposed the #1 pick before the draft and had been compared to Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon. This is an amazing comparison in general but it is even more amazing as Embiid has only been playing organized basketball for 3 years. Embiid will be out 5-8 months with his foot injury, but when he’s healthy the Sixers have two athletic young big men in Embiid and Noel. After the draft the SIxers made the announcement that Ebiid would be out up to 8 months recovering from his foot injury, meaning he might not even play the season. Moves like this have become sort of typical for the Sixers.

1st round, 10th overall: UL-Lafayette PG Elfrjd Payton

This pick was initially slightly disappointing with a lesser known player, i didn’t know the name when the Sixers announced him. This pick created controversy immediately, making people think that the future of MCW with the Sixers was in jeopardy. That panic died quickly as the Sixers traded Payton almost immediately for Croatian forward Dario Saric, 2015 and 2017 1st round picks. The biggest problem with trading for Saric is that he won’t be able to play in the US for another 3 years due to a contract with a league in Turkey. The extra picks are a plus, but the wait for Saric might be a little frustrating depending on his role on the Sixers.

Final pick: Croatiam F Dario Saric (acquired from Orlando Magic)

2nd round picks

32nd pick overall: Clemson F K.J. McDaniels

39th pick overall: Syracuse F Jerami Grant

47th pick overall: Louisville G Russ Smith (reported to be traded to New Orleans for G Pierre Jackson)

52nd pick overall: Serbian F Vasilijie Micic

54th pick overall: Serbian F Nemanja Dangubic

The Sixers reportedly acquired the 58th overall pick, Tennessee G Jordan McRae

This draft addressed some of the Sixers needs but some fans will be disappointed as the top pick, just like last year, will miss some time on the court with the team. The draft lived up to the hype of anticipation levels but some fans might have gotten upset as the team didn’t get Wiggins or Parker.



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