J-Roll Passes Schmidt

Before this disappointing season started for the Phillies most of the Phillies fans wanted Jimmy Rollins out, but he wouldn’t waive his no trade clause because he wanted to set some individual records as a Phillie. This made fans want him out of town even more, obviously they wanted better players which Jimmy Rollins would get, but let’s not pretend RAJ would make any good moves anyway, but all that negativity from the fans was gone on Saturday, June 14, 2014  as Jimmy Rollins broke Mike Schmidt’s all time hits record.

The moment of Rollins breaking was 14 years in the making as he debuted for the club in 2000 after being drafted in the second round of the 1996 MLB Draft. The fans were even more excited as they watched Mike Schmidt run up the first base line to congratulate Jimmy for passing him. Even Rollins was surprised,

Rollins record

“Mike Schmidt coming down the line shocked me. I knew he was going to be here, but I didn’t know he was going to have a part in it. I hit first base and he was halfway down the line, charging with my bat. I was like, ‘Whoa!’ That was pretty nice. It was a surprise.”

Besides Schmidt coming out to hand Rollins his record breaking bat,  there were a few fireworks shot off and a brief celebration at first base. The celebration was continued for Rollins, the team, and the fans as the Phillies went on to beat the Chicago Cubs on Saturday.

Even though J-Roll did achieve this individual record, he is still trying to make it known that he is all about helping the team win and that he believes the Phillies could pull some magic out of their asses, “We could get on a roll here and get ourselves in contention. The division hasn’t gotten away from us at all yet, which is very fortunate. Unfortunately, we’ve been here before but when we were, we found a way to win despite all the odds. Hopefully we have a little bit of that magic left. We could start a new run and we could be the guys steering the ship.”

This was an overall great day in disappointing season as the Phillies got the win, saw Schmidt congratulate J-Roll, and J-Roll accomplished the all time hits record. Jimmy Rollins then tried to spin things in a positive way for the rest of the year. Hopefully everything he said reflects positively on the team as Philadelphia is always more exciting during baseball season when The Boys of Summer are winning.



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