Berube refuses to have a shitty camp


Last season’s training camp was the sign of an early end to Peter Laviolette’s coaching career in Philly. From the very beginning it was a disaster Ed Snider even commented on the low level of it after Lavy was fired.

“I thought our training camp, quite frankly, was one of the worst training camps I’ve ever seen, … I’m not talking about wins or losses. There was nothing exciting. Nobody shined. Nobody looked good.” Snider said about the camp.

And the lack of effort at the camp definitely carried over into the beginning of the season. The Flyers looked like they were barely prepared for High School level hockey, let alone NHL games. Berube and the players and even fans were all in agreement that the Flyers effort over 60 minutes was nonexistent which, unfortunately, isn’t a new thing. In the past two seasons the Flyers have struggled early on in the seasons ( last season going 2-6 in the first 8 games and never being able to recover resulting in a playoff miss and this season’s 4-10 start which they did manage to come back from enough to make the playoffs.) Even after the Flyers started to pull their season back on track their effort through all three periods was inconsistent. Fans will remember the one horrible period, 2 okay period strategy the Flyers developed into.


“We made it clear that everybody has to come into camp in shape, … It can’t be average, it can’t be just above average. It has to be exceptional. And they all know that. We need to get to another level defensively and that’s just everybody being accountable every moment they’re on the ice. A lot has to do with just pressure and skating and work.”

(from the Philadelphia Daily News)

When Berube first took over as coach, one of his first orders of business was to try to improve the conditioning and stamina of the team. He didn’t really get a chance to do any real damage to the half hearted play until his first 3 day break. Since then the team has shown moments of hard play and energy that was needed to win games, but the inconsistency couldn’t be shaken off that easily.

Now, obviously, people have high expectations for Berube’s first camp. How the Flyers start the season will be determined on whether the Flyers shit the beach or not.



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