Ed Snider done with cancer

If you were one of the people who said that Ed Snider didn’t look well at the Hextall conference, you were right. After the press conference announcing Ron Hextall as the new Flyers GM, there have been some hushed rumors that the chairman wasn’t 100 percent.

Today Comcast-Spectacor spokesman Ike Richman announced that Snider had completed treatments for a non- terminal form of cancer. “The condition is “non-life-threatening” and Snider is “doing well, … He is happy and healthy.” Richman said before adding that the team wouldn’t make any more comments on the situation.

The 81 year old focused the Bullies mentality he’s known for defending and didn’t let his condition or the treatments that came with it affect how he handled his business everyday. We wish him the best of luck and hope things continue to go well for him.




Snider was heard mumbling to himself “I’m not gonna die until we win another damn cup I don’t care how old I am.”


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