Lavy brings the jam to Nashville and Timonen mulls over another year.


Remember this guy? Of course you do. That’s Flyers former coach Peter Laviolette about to jump the boards to fight Pens coach Dan Bylsma (Torts style). As we all know Laviolette was relieved of his coaching job early this season, after just 3 games and a bad training camp. As well as Laviolette had done with the Flyers early in his tenure, the roster just wasn’t able to adapt to his style of coaching or the way he expected them to play. He got the boot, Berube got the call up and the Flyers made the playoffs after a shitty start as the story goes.

Now Lavy has found a new home in Nashville. Today Laviolette was hired as the new coach of the Nashville Predators. Congratulations and good luck to him on the new job, but that’s not all we’re gonna talk about. The REAL news about Laviolette’s new job, for Flyers fans at least, is the growing speculation that we may have found an out for Vincent Lecavalier.

In the offseason Lecavalier was talked up to an extent and seemed excited to come to philly. Unfortunately Vinny didn’t pan out as well as we hoped he would. Well now some people are saying that Vinny hasn’t done well because he isn’t playing the system he signed on for. When Lecavalier signed with the Flyers he was ready to play in Peter Laviolette’s style of hockey, 3 games in and that’s off the table. Now the Predators should be looking for some forwards who could make Laviolette’s high offensive style work. Enter Vincent Lecavalier?

So the thought is that maybe the Flyers could get a little something in return for Vinny and he could maybe get a chance to actually do something next season under the coach he expected to play for.

Speaking of older players, one of the hot topics for Flyers fans is the future of “Finnish God of Defense” Kimmo Timonen. It’s been a repeated fact that the veteran defenseman has said that this season may be his last in the NHL. While many fans don’t want to see the veteran go, others are making cases against Timonen staying on another year. One of the concerns is money, obviously, because the Flyers cannot afford to sign Timonen on for another 6 million dollar contract, but money isn’t an issue for Timonen because there’s a bigger goal he’s trying to reach.


“Let’s put it this way: if I won the Stanley Cup earlier, I probably wouldn’t be here and talk to you guys. I would say ‘OK, that’s it.’ But I haven’t won it. That’s the only thing that keeps the hopes up. It’s not money. It’s not anything else. It’s the Stanley Cup.”

In an interview Timonen announced that he would take the next few weeks to properly gauge his ability and decide if he wants to come back for another year.

 “This is my place. If I get back here, this is where I want to be. I like our team. I like the team moving forward because we can get some young guys, young forwards, who can be faster. I won’t get any younger, that’s for sure, and probably not faster, but I feel like I can still help the team. But again, I want to take my time and see if I can get to the level that I want to be.”



One thought on “Lavy brings the jam to Nashville and Timonen mulls over another year.

  1. I would hate to see Vinny leave. I think he could be effective if the Flyers put him in his life long position, Center. They have wasted his talent all season by keeping him on the wing, as evidenced by his improved play once put at the center position for a few games. I also feel bad for Timonen, but he’s seen better days, and they need to bolster the defense to make a serious push for the cup.

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