Keys to a Flyers playoff win at home.

After Friday night’s game the Flyers are tied at home in the playoff series against the Rangers. They’ve won one and lost one in Philly, which isn’t exactly the outcome fans were hoping for, but hey we’re not out of the playoffs yet!

That being said there are a few things that the Flyers did differently in their first playoff game at home this series, changing tested methods from this season and previous playoff runs. We feel like Game 3, the first in Philly fell victim to some of the Flyers haphazard changes and led to a loss.

Here’s what the Flyers need to fix if they wan to have an easy time with their next home game. These steps will ensure the Flyers win at home.




Just before the playoffs we saw Jake Voracek dye his ginger beard a deep and ugly black. When asked about it, he said that a teammate had coaxed him into dyeing his beard promising to join him with the black beard. That teammate backed out making Voracek look … odd. Later Scot Hartnell joined the beard bandwagon and dyed his beard the same unnatural black.

What, you might ask, does the color of their beards have to do with them winning at home? Well i’ll tell you that not only has the color change affected their performance at home, but in the series altogether. Through the 4 games we’ve seen so far, the top line hasn’t been producing like we need them to and who does that top line consist of? Hartnell and Voracek. The Flyers are a team that is centered around orange, there’s even an underground theory going around that every player who joins the Flyers lineup begins to grow orange hair, the ginger prowess of this team is well known. What Hartnell and Voracek have done is almost completely drain the ginger power out of the top line in turn draining Giroux’s ginger magic.

If the Flyers want that top line to stay together and actually be useful then something has to be done about those beards.




You’ve seriously got to be kidding with this one. When Flyers owner Ed Snider was bombarded with questions about changing the Flyers culture he must have taken that to mean the we wanted to get rid of our old playoff good luck charm Kate Smith. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to leave Kate out of the national anthem ? Whoever it was we hope they were promptly fired after the Flyers loss on Tuesday.

Kate Smith’s rendition of the national anthem has been a good luck charm for Flyers playoff hockey since their last cup run. You want to win at home? Don’t snub Kate Smith it’s that simple.


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