Mason not as healthy as we thought.

I’m not trying to get you all panicked and freaking out about the first round of the playoffs already, but it’s been reported that Steve Mason wasn’t seen at practice this morning and won’t be traveling with the team to New York. We all knew that Mason was out with an upper-body injury suffered in the last Penguins game of all times, that was rumored to be a possible concussion. For a few days Mason has been a maybe for the first game of the first round of playoffs, but we’ve been assured multiple times that the starter would be good to go in time for game 1.  Apparently not.

Earlier Sarah Baicker tweeted “Steve Mason is not at Skate Zone at all, according to Flyers PR.” and then later crushed the little hope that some people were clinging onto with the tweet “Steve Mason will NOT play tomorrow.”

For game one in New York Ray Emery will get the start and Heeter, who played his very first NHL game on Sunday against the Hurricanes, will be backing him up. Some fans have gone into total despair with news of the loss of Mason for at least one game, but Emery really isn’t that much to panic about. Emery isn’t really a dramatic difference from Mason despite some soft goals and a fair amount of bad luck.

The difference between the two goalies statistically isn’t sooo bad. Mason has a .917 save percentage while Emery’s is .903. Mason’s goals against average is 2.50 and Emery’s is 2.96.

Emery’s career against the Rangers has been pretty successful with a record of  7-2-0,  a 1.87 goals-against average and .936 save percentage. Things get a little more hopeful when you look at it like that right? Just try not to remember that Emery’s only game this season against the Rangers ended in a 4-1 loss.


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