Flyers at the Trade Deadline

Despite the Flyers obvious deficiencies on the blue line, the most popular trade rumors were about forwards that would not only be completely unnecessary, but would cost us a chunk of our young core of players like Brayden Schenn, Matt Read, and Wayne Simmonds.

The most stressful rumor bouncing around the insiders was a major trade for Ryan Kessler which would require B. Schenn or Coots AND draft picks AND a prospect player. Fans were mad at how bad of a trade that would be and pointed out multiple times that we already have a Kessler type player in Sean Couturier with the added bonus of him being younger.  What made that rumor even scarier is the fans expectancy of outrageous trades. Philadelphia EXPECTS the Flyers organization to do something wild and beyond good sense to fit into their “win now” ideal.

Luckily for us the trade deadline wasn’t as turbulent as we expected it to be and the Flyers came out the other side nearly unchanged. There is a new face however on the Flyers blue line. The Flyers first move on Tuesday was to trade a round pick in 2015 along with minor league center Matt Mangene to the Islanders in exchange for defenseman Andrew MacDonald. are attributed by a lot to MacDonald having to step up in place of injured teammates. He isn’t a big name, in any sense. No flash, no superstar to speak of, but he is a smart puck mover, which the Flyers current defense have struggled with.  We have all cringed and yelled and fell to the floor in anger while the Flyers repeatedly fail to move the puck out of their own zone for minutes at a time only to have it come right back in seconds later, well the hope is that MacDonald will be able to fix that, at least a bit. The 27 year old is a free agent this summer.


That was the only addition the Flyers made, see quiet right? But with a new Defenseman that meant someone had to go. Everyone already knew who the casualty would be and Wednesday Andjre Meszaros was traded to the Boston Bruins for a third round draft pick (ouch). Meszaros’ departure from the team likely means the end of play time for his defensive carousel partner  Erik Gustafsson. Gus shared a roster spot with Meszaros with the two being swapped out at random points in the Flyers season.

Goodbye Mez, you were doing good this season, good luck in Bahstan.




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