$400 Reward for the return of Timonen’s legs

According to a tweet from Tim Panaccio “Berube confirmed Timonen has no legs right now. Will sit out SJ game only”


Kimmo Timonen came home from Sochi with a bronze medal for his Finland team, but it seems to have come at a heavy cost. His legs! We’re not exactly sure where they’ve gone, but it is reported that Timonen’s legs have left him, hopefully temporarily, keeping the Flyers veteran Defenseman from playing in their first game after the Olympics. Timonen’s absence on Thursday also means that he’ll be putting off his 500th game with the Flyers.

Going into the Olympic break people were concerned about Timonen’s ability to play through the rough Sochi schedule without serious fatigue due to his age. Well it seems like those concerns were close enough to true. Timonen will miss Thursday’s game against the San Jose Sharks, but is expected to play in Saturday’s game against the Rangers.


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