Flyers weekly – Olympics are over; The trade deadline is coming

As the Olympics come to an end, what is considered the main event gets more and more attention. In the semi finals round of men’s hockey the US team, lead by Minnesota forward Zach Parise was up against Canada who were playing behind a goalless Sidney Crosby, while Finland and the only Flyer still in the Olympics, Kimmo Timonen faced off against the Swedish team and Henrik Lundqvist.

Unfortunately team USA couldn’t live up to the scoring hype they had built up and were completely suffocated by the Canadian defense resulting in a 1 goal loss. The lone Canadian goal came from Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn. The Canadian defense was able to adapt to  the US forwards so well that they weren’t able to put much pressure on goalie Carey Price.  Thanks to an Illinois shipping company and the picture below, it seems that unofficially the United States will have to keep Justin Bieber. The bet spread around the internet not just because of the company’s billboard, but internet popularity. The loser of the game between USA and Canada would have to keep Bieber.


Sweden also managed to win by 1 goal, beating out the Finnish team 2-1. In the final game. Setting up the Canada Sweden game for gold and USA Finland for bronze. After the loss to Canada, the US team took another nosedive with a 5-0 loss to Finland. In their last two games the USA managed to score zero goals after scoring 20 in their first four.  The Olympic run lived up to Patrick Kane’s  “gold medal or bust” statement which turned out to be an accurate prediction.

Finnish player Kimmo Timonen brings home a bronze medal in what he has said is his last run in the Olympics. Timonen is the only Flyer to earn a Sochi medal.

olympics over

Bob McKenzie reminded us all today that the NHL season still exists with his tweet saying “NHL roster freeze is lifted tonight at 11:59pm ET. Clubs are free to make transactions after that.” That’s right just hours after some fans have been crushed by the losses their countries were handed, now they get to panic over which ones will be traded from their favorite teams.

As for the Flyers, we can’t really be sure what moves, if any, they plan on making now that the roster freeze is over. Of course the wishful thinkers will always hold on to hopes that a deal is in place that would bring Shea Weber to Philly, and there’s always the people who joke, but secretly wish it would happen, about a Bobby Ryan trade, but neither of those moves seem likely. Before the Olympic break started there was some buzz about a team interested in Braydon Coburn.

We can only speculate and wait to see what happens.



One thought on “Flyers weekly – Olympics are over; The trade deadline is coming

  1. The acquisition of Weber, and the loss of Coburn, would significantly boost the defense, and help in their playoff chances. Let’s hope something happens here!

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