Flyers go under in 6 game road trip.

A six game road trip … Even saying it is exhausting, watching it was emotionally tiring so playing it must have been crippling. Which is pretty much how the Flyers played in those games, especially the last 3 games before coming home. There was an overall lack of energy that wound up beating the Flyers down to multiple losses.


What’s more irritating about the losses is not that they lost, but HOW they did it, the same way they have all season. In two of their losses, the Flyers managed to score first and pull off a good performance in the first period only to let up a few quick goals and then completely died after that. In their games against Chicago, Dallas, Detroit and Minnesota the Flyers gave up multiple goals in under 2 minutes the worst being against the Blackhawks, 2 goals in 29 seconds. The Flyers record for that road trip ended with a 2-4 record with one loss in a shootout to Ottawa which made the entire city of Philadelphia turn to alcohol to drown away that nightmare. The Senators were a team with no shoot out goals with a goalie (Craig Anderson) who had zero shootout saves, enter the Flyers.


In three of the Flyers four losses, they only managed to score twice; each of those games were against a western conference team. Of those losses Minnesota, Dallas and Chicago scored multiple goals in a short time period. With Lecavalier out for at least 3 weeks it was well known that some of the other forwards were going to have to step up and start scoring. So far that hasn’t seemed to happen, as Brayden Schenn went without a goal through the 6 games, Scott Hartnell had only one goal and Giroux and Voracek had just two each. Scoring has been a problem all season long putting the Flyers in 27th place in goals per game.

Besides scoring, there’s not much to say about the Flyers that hasn’t been said at some point in the season so far: The passing is sloppy, they have absolutely no energy, they break down after the first period, the defense is slow and can’t move the puck well, they pass too much and don’t shoot on opportunities etc. It’s all stuff that is very obvious in hindsight, but with an 82 game season there’s plenty of time to use hindsight to fix things, which in some games it did seem like they did. The Flyers this season are in one word inconsistent, some games they work, some they look like they couldn’t beat a JV team. It’s a back and forth that’s becoming tiring and there’s not really much to write about it.


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