Flyers vs. Senators quick notes.

Tuesday’s game against the Ottawa Senators started a short road trip for the Flyers who were coming off a win against the Oilers on Sunday. In Edmonton, Flyers captain Claude Giroux finally got his first goal of the season relieving a lot of stress and frustration. After that performance from the team, there are some high expectations for this 3 game road trip against the Senators, Penguins and ending with Winnipeg.
Most fans believe that the Oilers game marked a turning point for the Flyers and expect that the talent that this team has will finally rise to the surface and start producing some wins. There is also pressure on Giroux, now that he’s scored his first he is expected to catch fire, if he didn’t look good in this game there would definitely be a drop in morale again and possibly another lack of confidence that could keep this season at the level it’s been at for the last 16 games.
These are a quick notes/summary of Tuesdays game in Ottawa:
◦Now that Giroux’s scored his first goal, there’s even more pressure, not just on the captain, on the whole team. Girouxs goal is expected to give the Flyers the spark they’ve been waiting for all season and result in some wins,… if they can’t perform it’ll result in more of the same criticism.
Offensive lines:
1.Hartnell, Giroux, Voracek
2.B. Schenn, Lecavalier, Simmonds
3.Read, Couturier, Downie
4.Rinaldo, Hall, Rosehill
◦Defensive lines:
1.Timonen, Coburn
2.Streit, Grossmann
3.L. Schenn, Gustafsson
◦Flyers have the first 4 shots of the game and have a long period of possession, overall don’t look as lazy as early in the season. ◦Passes still not likely to make their mark but zone entry looks improved.
◦Giroux and Lecavalier lines working hard, Flyers give up a turnover and Mason comes up with a big save to keep the game 0-0. ◦Flyers get the first penalty, Streit with a high stick.
◦Penalty killed off, Mason with 3 saves.
◦Flyers doing well keeping the Senators from playing an aggressive offensive game. Flyers controlling the puck noticeably longer in the Senators zone.
◦Matt Read scores a wrap around goal to put the Flyers up 1-0
◦Senators goalie Anderson barely pokes the puck off of Voracek’s stick on a rush keeping the Flyers lead to 1.
◦Flyers have to keep possession through this period. If the energy is the same as the 1st there shouldn’t be a problem as long as there are little to no turnovers and they don’t tire out.
◦Early goal as Jake Voracek puts in another wrap around goal, making up for his lost chance in the 1st. Flyers up 2-0.
◦Flyers pressure better than we’ve seen all season, very little time spent in their own zone still. Puck control has been a major Flyers issue up til now.
◦With Voracek’s goal Giroux gets his 300th point(assist) and Hartnell ends his 38 game assistless streak.
◦Senators weak in their own goal providing Flyers with good chances, almost none are capitalized but hey, progress.
◦Flyers get their first Power Play on an interference against Couturier.
◦Voracek gets his second goal (Power Play Goal) putting the Flyers up 3-0.
◦The Flyers Power Play this season has been dreadful, but in their first PP this game the Flyers looked like the were actually functioning and managed to produce the very rare: Flyers power play goal. Flyers up 3-0
◦Chemistry between Giroux and Voracek is better than ever. The lines all seem to be meshing well and working better than we’ve seen in the last 16 games.
◦Flyers go to another Power Play as Streit gets cross checked in front of Mason.
◦Timonen slides to block an Ottawa shot (Flyers give away) looked slow to get up, still on the bench.
◦Their second power play not as successful as the first. No set-ups very little control in Ottawa zone.
◦Power play ends much like every other Flyers power play.
◦End of the period, Giroux is robbed of a goal on a beautiful save by Anderson.
◦The dreaded 3rd period, often this is when we’ll see the Flyers fall apart or start to drag, if they can keep up the energy there’s a strong chance of a win.
◦Flyers having trouble with control and clearing the puck early on, seems like a typical 3rd period so far, not good.
◦Flyers turnover numbers are on the rise again.
◦Luckily for the Flyers, the Senators are very prone to offsides. If the weren’t there would be very long shifts spent in the Flyers zone.
◦Vinny Lecavalier picks off a pass in the Ottawa zone and shoots for a 5hole goal, putting the Flyers up 4-0.
◦Lecavalier leads the Flyers with 7 goals this season.
◦Flyers playing more like the 2nd period after the 4th goal. Rinaldo in good position gets robbed of a goal by a defenseman. ◦Downie draws a penalty, Flyers go to their 3rd power play.
◦Flyers zone entry on the power play is one of 2 ineffective plays:
1.The whole line stops at the blue line to drop the puck to a breaking Giroux
2.Dump the puck so hard that it winds up coming out the other side.
◦Brayden Schenn scores the Flyers 2nd Power Play goal with a tip in! Schenn’s goal puts the Flyers up 5-0.
◦Senators score, goal is under review for high sticking. It’s called a no goal, Flyers still lead by 5.
◦In the Final seconds, Steve Mason throws a hard check to top off his night and wrap up his first shutout!

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