Flyers trade Max Talbot for Steve Downie

It really is throwback Thursday in Philadelphia as the Flyers trade forward Max Talbot to the Colorado Avalanche for former Flyer Steve Downie.



The biggest con to this trade is losing Talbot’s penalty killing ability, which is easily made up by Downie’s offensive threat. Downie has 7 points this season with 1 goal and 6 assists compared to Talbot’s 2 points this season; one goal, one assist. As we’ve all figured out by now, the Flyers are in need of an offensive boost. All season they’ve struggled to score and they’re currently 28th in the league in goals per game (1.82).

The Flyers organization, quick to prove that “we don’t need a fresh perspective”, went through the Flyers archives and found Colorado Avalanche Steve Downie. Downie was drafted to the Flyers 29th overall in the 2005 draft and played a total of 38 games over 2 seasons in the orange and black. In those games Downie had 6 goals and 6 assists for a total 12 points. After his stint with the Flyers he spent some time with current Flyer forward Vinny Lecavalier in Tampa bay where he put up average numbers over 4 seasons before going to Colorado.

With the Avalanche Downie gained a playmaker role with 11 assists in 20 games at the end of the season. Last season however Downie suffered a knee injury in the second game and was out the rest of the season. After ACL surgery Downie seems to have bounced back and averaged 16:43 of ice time per game so far this season, but Flyers fans are wary of the injury history.

Despite some injury concern, Downie is definitely considered an upgrade for the Flyers. Downie has been averaging more points per season than Talbot and has had less ice time than Talbot. “He is good with the puck, he’s strong with the puck and he can make a lot of plays … I think he’ll add a lot to our team.” Holmgren said about Downie.





One thought on “Flyers trade Max Talbot for Steve Downie

  1. At least they’re doing something to get them out of this slump. Maybe this will help, but i don’t think it’s enough.

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