Jody Shelley retires to Columbus

The long time enforcer and now former Flyer Jody Shelley has retired from the game. This isn’t a big shock to anyone as Shelley’s play time has been less and less over the past few seasons. Shelley came to the Flyers in 2010 from Columbus and in his time here had more of a reputation as an enforcer than superstar. Shelley’s most impressive stat with the Flyers was his PIM.


Before his time in Philadelphia, Jody Shelley was a well known and liked enforcer for Columbus and their all-time leader in penalty minutes with 1,025.  When he came to Philadelphia, Shelley saw considerably less ice time and recently his role as an enforcer has been phased out for younger tough guys like Rinaldo. Shelley apparently felt the end of his playing career coming and according to a story by Rob Mixer of, Shelley has been thinking about what he could do on “the other side of the business” rather than just leaving the game all together.

“I’ve always been a guy to keep doors open,” Shelley told “When you’re playing professional sports, you see a lot of people doing different things and different jobs…  You always think about different things, but for it to really happen…we’re just thrilled. My family and I are ecstatic.”

Shelley was never as much of a fan favorite in Philadelphia as he was in Columbus. Despite jokes about the tough guy there were plenty of moments that made us appreciate Jody Shelley in the orange and black. For example, the time that Shelley beat down Mike Rupp and then saluted. After Rupp disrespected Jagr at the winter classic Jody Shelley got some sweet revenge for his teammate and temporarily won over Flyers fans.

While he may not have been a fan favorite, we can all respect Jody Shelley and wish him the best of luck with his new career.


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