Enjoying the Waives

 After making no moves at the trade deadline, the Phillies have dropped even lower in the standings. The Phillies now hope to use waivers to their advantage to salvage some part of this season. The trade deadline isn’t the end of possible trades as some fans might think. A player may be placed on waivers at any time during the season, but in order to be traded they have to be put on waivers first.


With that said we can look toward the Phillies current trade talks. The Phillies’ fans may be close to losing one of their favorite Phillies players in shortstop Jimmy Rollins. Jimmy “J-Roll” Rollins has stuck with the Phillies for years and has even won a World Series with them. However, Rollins isn’t getting any younger and the fan favorite has successfully cleared waivers. That may not even matter as Rollins has a no-trade clause and has stated his desire to stay in philadelphia multiple times. Rollins has said that he would veto a trade because there are club records he has his sights set on breaking. He is second in franchise history in games, at-bats, doubles and stolen bases and has a shot at beating some of those records if he plays out his contract.

 “Until those things are done, I’m not going anywhere,” Rollins said.
 J-Roll is currently second in hits as a Phillie trailing on Mike Schmidt (2,234 to 2,135). Rollins is also second in at-bats (8,352 to 7,921), second in stolen bases (418) and third in triples with 1904.  His seeming takeover of the Phillies record books may be cut short if he is dealt somewhere else.

Meanwhile the player who was expected to be traded before the deadline, Miachel Young, has also cleared waivers. No word yet on weather he’ll be traded at this point, but with Amaro’s record it seems unlikely that any changes will be made.

Written by: @jmastrangeloETS

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