Time to Sell?

The 2013 trade deadline is tomorrow, July 31st, at 4 p.m. and the Phillies have some tough decisions to make. Our Phightin’ Phils have buried themselves deep into a second half slump that may now force them to become “sellers” at the trade deadline, which may have been a long time coming.  The two biggest names involved in the phillies’ trade rumors are SP Cliff Lee and 3B Michael Young.  Rumors involving the two have been cropping up all season but will there be any truth to the rumors?

The Phillies have announced that if they are going to trade Cliff Lee, they would need three or four top prospects in exchange for him. There are plenty of teams willing to make this deal for Lee, seeing as how he is a top pitcher in the MLB. Though Lee is loved in Philadelphia, trading him may actually be better for the future of Phillies Organization.


Michael Young has gotten entered into many trade rumors for this year’s deadline, however don’t look too far into any of them. Young’s contract contains a “No Trade” clause, which means that Young cannot be traded unless he approves of the trade. This no-trade clause puts the Phillies in between a rock and hard place because Young recently announced that he will only approve of a trade that will send him back to the Texas Rangers and since Texas is refusing any trade for him it seems extremely unlikely that he’ll be going anywhere. More Complications have come up regarding young as the Phillies have brought up AAA 3B Asche which would make one of them unneeded.

Meanwhile Ruben Amaro has insisted that no players will be traded and believes that the Phillies can still win the division. Wishful thinking might be an understatement as the Phillies record and unreliability have proven, We’ll see what comes tomorrow.


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Written by: @jmastrangeloETS


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