Going Shopping

It’s July 22nd and Phillies fans have a big question on their minds, should the Phillies be buying or selling? The Phillies entered the All-Star break red hot, but have cooled down greatly in their first series back on the diamond. They took just 1 of a 3 game series on the road against the New York Mets, losing two straight. Looking to bounce back, the Phils will head to St. Louis to take on the Cardinals for a 3 game series in Busch Stadium.

The Phils are now 1 game under .500 with the Nationals right behind them.   They need to get hot and they need to do it fast. The NL East has been wide open for any of the top three spots in the standings, however none of these teams seem to want it bad enough. The Atlanta Braves are currently in first place, but they are far from safe in that postion. That being sad about the standings, the Phils have some major thinking to do. The biggest question that needs to be addressed is:  should they Buy or to Sell?

Being under .500 and having some major injuries creating holes in the lineup, you would think the Phillies would be major sellers at this year’s Trade Deadline, but you’d mistaken. The Phightin’ Phils are still in second place and they have a big chance to take first and make a run at the postseason. Because of where they are, the Phillies will shop around but don’t expect them to make any blockbuster deals. There may  be a couple of players dealt away by the organization but nothing too extreme.

Let’s take a look at some of the possible moves the Phillies could make. There are a few big name players that will most likely be on the move before the deadline expires. Two of the players are Alex Rios, starting outfielder for the Chicago White Sox, and Matt Garza, starting pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. It’s been reported that Matt Garza was almost sent to the Texas Rangers, however he is still on the Cubs and still on the market. Garza could be a great addition to Philadelphia’s rotation, desperately in need of consistent pitching, having won all of his last 5 starts.  Garza makes what could possibly be his last start in a Cubs uniform tonight against the Arizona Diamondbacks at 9:40 PM ET.


Another nice move for our Phillies would be to make the move for Alex Rios. Rios is .277 on the year with 12 HR 48 RBI 20 SB 49 R and is currently swinging the hot stick. He would also be a nice addition to the Phillies’ starting lineup if we decide to go after him. One of the biggest names I would expect the Phillies to deal away is Michael Young. Young has been pretty solid for us this year, however he isn’t getting any younger at age 36 so the Phillies may be looking to deal him while his return value is still high. The Phillies have some nice young players who can take his spot at third if we decide to deal him at the deadline.


Those are only the biggest moves that could be made if the Phillies decide to sell at the deadline.

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