More on the Rumor Mill

In what I have decided will be a recurring piece, I’ll be going over some of the biggest trade free agency and deadline rumors.

As we all know, it’s getting pretty close to FA time for the Flyers and that means extensive stress and panic attacks for the fans. The Flyers organization has a way of making fans outraged and a history of making less than favorable moves with players that the city soon regrets; see Sergei Bobrovsky, just to show one instance. Here we are again at the edge of sanity and moves have already been made that are making some fans pull their hair out.

Homer soon

In the first “More on the Rumor Mill” Bob Mckenzie broke the news via twitter that the Flyers were in the market for a defenseman and the price would be either B. Schenn or Couturier. This had fans in a temporary panic, but fans came to terms with losing one of them if it meant getting a top Dman; Yandle being the top choice. After that it became a question of who would you rather lose, with the fans being pretty evenly split between losing Schenn or losing Coots. After the favorites there were some legitimate points made encouraging a Couturier trade.

Quickly the points looked something like this:

  • Laughton, a defensive forward, would be called up to replace Couturier
  • He isn’t being given enough play time to become a top player in Philly
  • Very little offensive production

This debate went on for a while until news came out that the Flyers were looking to sign the New York Islanders former captain and defenseman, Mark Streit. Immediately the fans were back to debating whether this would be a good idea. Streit a 35 year old defenseman turned down the Islanders “best offer” the terms of which weren’t made public. The Flyers traded Forward Shane Harper and a 4th round draft pick for Streit, who was set to become a free agent on July 5th prompting the Flyers to come to an agreement on an extension for the defenseman. There was a lot of bad vibes coming from the fans addressing the Streit deal most stating that for his age, Streit would be asking for too much. A lengthy contract would risk having an old Dman unable to play later on in the contract, but still be taking up cap space. Ever since Chris Pronger’s injury, fans have been cautious of older players.


Not surprising to many, the Flyers signed Streit to a 4 year $21million contract, at 5.25 per year. A lot of people feel that this is too much for an aging defenseman who most likely won’t have a huge role in the lineup. Streit is known as a strong first unit Power Play player, but the Flyers top PP line doesn’t need any addition Fans had an issue with paying so much for an aging defenseman who wouldn’t even have a top role in the lineup, but there are some good things about Streit. Flyers fans could learn to see the silver lining in some moves, but we’re right to be suspicious of moves until the payoff is evident. Streit is known for his skating and puck moving ability, which the Flyers have been struggling with recently. Streit also offers a boost to the second PP line making a meh line a bit stronger. This deal isn’t necessarily all bad, but as usual we’ll need to wait and see how he performs next season to decide if this was a mistake.

Earlier today another rumor was started, this time a goalie prospect. Well not a prospect but a potential trade. The LA Kings are looking to trade their backup goalie Jonathan Bernier.


With the pretty much set plan to buy out current starter Bryzgalov, the Flyers may want another goalie wither to back up Steve Mason or as a replacement starter, but the price for Bernier is steep; for the Flyers at least. It is reported that LA would be asking for the Flyers top scorer in 2013 Jakub Voracek. Can we just say this right now, NO capital N capital O. Some fans would be fine with trading Matt Read and a draft pick for the Kings backup which still seems like a lot. Bernier’s stats aren’t overwhelming, as he hasn’t had a whole lot of play time. It doesn’t seem like he’s worth what’s being asked.





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