Beer Week Philly

Who doesn’t love a week long festival celebrating beer? From Germany’s world famous Oktoberfest to Colorado’s Great American Beer Festival, people have been known to flock to Beer festivals and Philadelphia is no push over when it comes to Beer enthusiasm. The Philly Beer Week has become a well known festival celebrating the deep Brewing history that exists in Philadelphia.


Established in 2008, the Philly Beer Week has become the largest beer celebration in America. Philly beer week features hundreds of festivals, dinners, tours, pub crawls, tastings and meet-the-brewer nights to area bars, restaurants and other locations throughout Greater Philadelphia providing endless means of entertainment. Philly Beer week has even become so popular an idea that at least 100 other cities have copied the idea and made their own Beer Weeks. Philadelphia’s deep brewing history makes us a prime spot for a beer festival and gives Philly a whole lot of bragging rights.

Philly Beer Week  starts today June 1st and runs until the 9th. Some of the events include a bus tour to bring people from out of town into the city and get the drinking under way, a block party BBQ in center city, and a type of scavenger hunt via twitter. It’s a safe bet that there will be at least a few things happening over the next week that will pique your interests. If the idea of celebrating BEER doesn’t get you interested the things you can do while you drink it probably will.


This week couldn’t have come at a better time with the discouraging state of the Phillies who are still under .500 this season and the frustration of having to watch the NHL playoffs without the Flyers add to that the Penguins moving through the finals and well do we really need a better excuse to drink? Philadelphia sports fans need a week of beer to forget about our pain for a while. As passionate as fans are about their teams, there are beer enthusiasts who could easily match their passion for beer. During Philly Beer Week the two groups  get along quite well in the name of beer. The intensity of Philly fans, be it of beer or sports, has made this the largest beer festival in America and a great way to spend some time during the early summer.

With a 10 day span there’s really no excuse to not take part in at least a day or two of the festival, unless of course you’re underage in which case tough luck. So go check out their official page


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