Briere talks about concussions and a possible amnesty

After being out with a concussion that he sustained during a morning practice just before the trade deadline, Flyers forward Danny Briere skated with the team on Thursday. While he’s close to returning he won’t be back on the ice just yet. After practice Briere answered a few questions for the courier post about his recovery process, the possibility of his contract being bought out and how he feels about his position being changed. When asked about his condition Briere seemed hopeful saying that he expectd to be playing again by saturday.


Q: You’re not playing tonight. Can you give us an update on your condition?
A: “I’m right there. Once again, I pushed it really hard today (in the morning skate). I think Saturday I should hopefully ready to go. That’s what I’m shooting for now.”

Q: Is this” the last thing you need to do, really push it to see if there’s a reaction?
A: “Yeah. It’s kind of a progress thing. You try to do a little bit more every day. It’s one thing doing it on your own and doing the cardio, getting on the ice on your own. Then you start skating with everybody trying to get your brain to adjust to the speed and everybody around. And then it’s getting a little bit of contact. We did a little bit yesterday (in practice) and again today with a lot more intensity. So, yeah, I think it’s right there. If I feel good after this, then I should be ready to go.”

you can read the rest of the interview here:
Briere Q&A on returning from concussion, switching positions, future with Flyers, amnesty

Interview by of Randy Miller
Courier-Post Staff


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