April Fools

Flyers Captain Claude Giroux and Forward veteran Scott Hartnell decided to have a little fun playing with the fans sanity In the spirit of April Fools day. Giroux tweeted that wishing Hartnell good luck in St. Louis, playing  off a trade. Hartnell played along tweeting a thank you to all of Philly.

badjokeg           hartnellplaysalong

The two quickly dropped the prank and alerted everyone that Hartnell was indeed staying in Philadelphia.


jokeoverhatsy joke over


In Actual trade news today the Flyers handed over Forward Harry Zolnierczyk to the Anaheim ducks in exchange for Jay Rosehill, a move that is a joke fitting of April 1st for the Flyers. Rosenhill has played 72 NHL games all with Toronto Maple Leafs. In those games he has 5 points (2 goals 3 assists) his most notable stat is his 198 penalty minutes in those games. For some reason the Flyers decided to trade away an adequate 4th liner for a barely playable enforcer.


Harry Z will be missed, here’s hoping he gets a break in Anaheim.


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