The theme of this shortened Flyers season has been nostalgia.
We’ve seen the return of former Flyers Ruslan Fedotenko and Mike Knuble, old fan favorites to the locker room and fans have been pretty much positive with the familiar faces.
Fedotenko signed with the Flyers back in 1999 and was traded in 2002 to the Tampa Bay Lightning. In his career “Rusty” has won 2 stanley cups, with the Lightning in 2004, and the Penguins in 2008. So far this season he has 1 goal and 4 assists for 5 points in 22 games.


Knuble signed with Philadelphia in 03-04 offseason. in 05-06, after the lockout, Knuble played right wing on the “Deuces Wild Line” along with Simon Gagne and Peter Foresberg, where he recorded career high 34 goals, 31 assists and 65 points. In his time in Philly he gained a community reputation by traveling to schools in New Jersey and Philadelphia teaching kids about hockey in his free time. In 2009 he signed with the Washington Capitals and on December 20, 2011 he played his 1000th NHL game. Since resigning with the Flyers, Knuble has 2 goals and 4 assists in 17 games played.


This season they’ve both returned to Philly, along with this week’s trade to reacquire Simon Gagne, there are certainly some old favorites back in the lineup. So how have fans reacted to the nostalgic roster.
How do you fans feel about the return of Rusty, Knuble and Gagne? How well do you think they’re doing this season, are they meshing well with younger talent like Coturier and rookie Tye McGinn?
We wanna hear all you have to say about these returns!


2 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. I was beyond happy to hear that Gagne was be coming back. After rumors last season were put down i kind of gave up hope of him ever coming back. Seemed like a long shot, then i got ideas like hey maybe they will do something like that, when i saw Knuble and Fedotenko back and i recognized their names from a while ago. So i didn’t expect it but i’m very happy to see Gagne back in the lineup, and based on his game against Washington it seems like he’ll be able to work well with the newer players.

  2. When Gagne was traded i wasn’t too upset because he wasn’t exactly doing too well (if i remember), but players that leave the Flyers always seem to get so much better on the new team, so yes i was jealous when he started doing better on the Kings. Fedotenko and Knuble were worse, they were doing good, their careers were at good places and we traded them anyway, then Fedotenko went on to win 2 cups, that made me question the Flyers trading logic. Gagne has hit a slump with the Kings so i’m hopin the trend continues and he’s amazing with us. Ruslan and Knuble could use some shaping up and more chances to get to the old way they played and be just as amazing

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