Riding the Bench Revenge

How many of us have sat for hours, or maybe days just thinking about the perfect way to get back at some unfair treatment? How about from your boss or coach? One Minnesota highschool senior has done exactly what most middle-aged adults only dream about doing to their superiors and made sure his discontent came through crystal clear.

In this video, high school senior Austin Krause epitomizes the saying “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” while scoring on his own net, flipping off the bench and coaches, and finally, with a grand gesture, saluting his way off the ice. Austin later explained his actions on his Facebook page saying:

“They played this sophomore goalie for the starter, he was terrible, I would try and talk to the coaches about this and tell them I want playing time but they never really listen to me or gave me a chance to show them that I’m a better goalie but still wouldn’t trust me so I had it it with I asked a few of my players if they care if I did it and they didn’t care they thought it would be funny so at the third period they dumped it in I stopped it put in my net started to skate off then flicked the coaches not the team the coaches then I saluted them then got off.”

Krause obviously has an opinion about his underclassman teammate and the way he’s been treated by his coaches. So, he got back at them with a spectacle that went viral almost as soon as it hit YouTube. Thus, prompting widespread shock and awe at the balls on this young man. As much fuss as there was about the amount of play time, I can’t imagine he’ll be getting much more after this. Krause’s big-kid tantrum got him a 10 game suspension for misconduct and the Farmington team took a 3-2 loss.

According to http://www.farmingtonindependent.com/event/article/id/22263/,
the sophomore getting Krause’s play time, Gage Overby, had a record of 5-5 in 548 minutes and a goals against average of 2.42 and a save percentage of 90. 1 which was better than Krause’s record 5-4-1 in 492 minutes in-goal with 2.80 goals against average and an 87.7 save percentage. The Farmington school district responded to the incident with a statement on its website Wednesday afternoon:

“This action has had an immediate and dramatic impact on the Farmington boys hockey team and the entire Farmington community. The district is taking the proper steps to investigate the incident and will take appropriate action in line with school policy. Student privacy regulations prevent any further release of information regarding this matter.

“Our focus is on in supporting the players and coaches in our hockey program and the successful completion of their season.”
Some parents were asked for their opinions on the matter, and they ranged from good for him, to why would he do that.

One parent, Jake Sorensen, said: “To embarrass your city on a national level is downright selfish. If there was any “proving” that needed to be done, he was successful in proving why he was the backup.”

Paul Krieger agrees with Krause’s decision and has said: “When schools or authoritive figures don’t address problems, people take matters into their own hands. Personally, I think this was an awesome way to show ones disgust and it doesn’t appear the coaches or athletic department cared seniors were benched for underclassmen to play…until now of course.”

So, who wouldn’t expect the coaches to go with the better-statted goalie? But, were they that much apart to justify the decision to play the younger goalie? Krause obviously expected that. As a senior, he was entitled to more play-time than the younger goalie even if their stats were slightly more favorable for Overby. Maybe in the time Krause sat he could have improved his record to be the same or slightly better than Overby’s? Not that it matters much now, because I do not think Krause expects to be playing much longer. But, who knows? Maybe the coaches were so touched by his protest that they saw the error of their ways and plan to actually make it up to the disgruntled goalie…but that’s highly unlikely. Krause knows he won’t be welcomed back, and added this to his Facebook post:
“My hockey season is over. I did it for myself. (Like my status) if you think the coaches should quit:).”

So, my readers, who do you sympathize with?

Video from YouTube user KodKidz.


One thought on “Riding the Bench Revenge

  1. I find the kid’s actions extremely disrespectful to the sport. It’s doesn’t matter who is older, when you get to the upper levels you play the guy with the better record. His prima donna act gives a good indicator of why his coaches benched him. He was immature and showed lack of any sort of sportmanship. Like i said when I first saw this: I guess people forget those kids become adults and turn into those assholes you have to deal with. The kid is old enough to know better and had this happened in a league that more people watched there would have been an uproar. Instead of throwing the fit maybe the kid should have been busting his ass to get his spot back.

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